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Space fleet captain Bradley Decker is sent across the galaxy to uncover Earth's long-forgotten colonization project, but there's more to this mission than he's being told. Meanwhile, on Seryph, Gemini Flynn finds herself in the midst of the territory wars. Though she longs for a simple life, she cannot escape who she is fated to become. Fighting the powerful men that would use her for their own desires, she must find where her heart and her loyalties lie.


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Sixty years after the alien invasion decimated earth, society is still in ruins.

Dahlia has escaped the house of the brutal ruler of the Fallowlands and sworn off controlling alpha-men forever. Scraping by on her own is a small price to pay for her freedom. But fate has other plans when a dark stranger falls from the sky claiming to be the leader of an unknown territory and promises to give her everything she’s ever wanted in exchange for helping him return.

Vinn Ferraro remembers nothing but his name and his title, and he is determined to return home and prove his authority. Dahlia is unsure of his claims—and his sanity—but the promise of a new life is hard to ignore.

Unfortunately, the ghosts from Dahlia’s past are not about to let her walk away so easily. If she chooses to go with Vinn, escaping the Fallowlands will mean more than risking her heart—it will mean risking her life.

Service to the Prime is a slow burn, enemies to lovers, harem romance.


There is penance to be paid for her crimes, and relationships left unfinished.


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New technology is rising, but so are the powers that would use it for destruction.  

In a futuristic Los Angeles, the world is still recovering from the Great Purge that crashed the global internet and sent society into a downward spiral. Tech has changed, and so have the powers that use it. Everly Kiltcher has landed herself a prestigious job at the fastest growing tech company in the world, but her background holds secrets she’s sworn to keep. When she wakes up to find she’s been delivered into the hands of a group of cutthroat mercenaries by her father, she realizes she’s not the only one with secrets. A mysterious source has placed a bounty on her head big enough to set the whole city looking for her, and her only hope seems to be the killers hired to protect her. She’s more attracted to the tattooed, battle-hardened commander leading the mission than she’d like to admit, but can she really trust him? With the clock ticking down and hunters on their heels, they must determine the source of the threat and get rid of it before it gets rid of her. What they find is bigger than all of them. And Everly is the key.

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Vanity is a crime and Cinderella must wear a mask. The big bad wolf puts on an armored suit to battle extraterrestrials. Rapunzel is forced to claim her throne and right the wrongs of the past. Snow White goes insane in a world where corporations have torn down the forests. Three siblings cross a bridge in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. In a genetically altered society, one different girl will be hunted for her imperfections…

Proudly created by the authors of Dystopian Ink, Once Upon A Dystopia: An Anthology of Twisted Fairy Tales and Fractured Folklore contains twenty stories of fairy tale and folklore retellings that explore dystopian influence in literature. From Science Fiction based futures to Fantasy kingdoms, the message is clear:

One person’s utopia is another’s hell.

For fans of The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, Hunger Games, and Unwind, the authors from Dystopian Ink teamed up to bring you a collection of tales that distort childhood favorites into dystopian masterpieces.

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