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Author of multiple best-selling sci-fi, dystopian, and romantic novels, serials, and short stories.



Planets: Emissary 

Second chances are hard to come by, so if you get one, you better take it.

It’s a mission fraught with danger and shrouded in secrets, but if it means a chance to salvage his disgraced military career, Captain Bradley Decker is on board. Armed with a sexy android first mate and a bumbling engineer, Decker sets out to find planet Seryph and uncover the remains of an abandoned colonization project. But the closer they get to their goal, the more they realize this mission is not what it seems, and Decker will have to decide if saving his career is worth risking the fate of the galaxy.

Meanwhile, on Seryph, the threat of war hangs over the territories. Gemini Flynn wants nothing more than to escape her gilded cage, but leaving her home doesn’t go quite as planned. Marked as a target by an evil cyborg general, Gemini must convince the fierce warlord Jarrett Banther to protect her before she becomes the general’s next victim. But if help doesn’t show up when she needs it, will Gemini be strong enough to save herself? At this point, it will take a miracle to survive.

Emissary is book one in the epic sci-fi saga Forgotten Planets. If you like political intrigue, military subterfuge, aliens, and blaster battles, all topped with a healthy dose of steamy relationships and comedic relief, download Forgotten Planets today and

Planets: EXILE 

What would you do if you uncovered the most potent weapon in the galaxy?

The power structure on planet Seryph is changing. Gemini Flynn—an insignificant Magistrate’s daughter—has accidentally landed herself the throne of the violent territory of the native Vlaxians. It’s a title she doesn’t want, but war is brewing, and stepping down would mean opening the door for a potential tyrant to take her place. With thousands of lives hanging in the balance, Gemini must decide if she’ll sacrifice her own dreams and desires to save a people who aren’t her own.

Elsewhere, Captain Bradley Decker and his crew brave Seryph’s brutal wilderness to track down the abandoned research station and recover the data left behind. But what they find is darker and more dangerous than any of them could have imagined. Withholding this information from the military would mean forfeiting the life of his crew, but turning it over could result in a destructive rampage the likes of which the galaxy has never seen.

Decker has a big decision to make—unless someone beats him to it.

Exile is book two in the epic sci-fi saga Forgotten Planets. If you like political intrigue, military subterfuge, aliens, and blaster battles, all topped with a healthy dose of steamy relationships and comedic relief, download Forgotten Planets today and jump into the fight for the galaxy.

Planets: Enemy 

...Coming soon 2023


Service to the Prime

Sixty years after the alien invasion decimated Earth, society is still in ruins.

Dahlia has escaped the house of the brutal ruler of the Fallowlands and sworn off controlling alpha-men forever. Scraping by on her own is a small price to pay for her freedom. But fate has other plans when a dark stranger falls from the sky claiming to be the leader of an unknown territory and promises to give her everything she’s ever wanted in exchange for helping him return.

Vinn Ferraro remembers nothing but his name and his title, and he is determined to return home and prove his authority. Dahlia is unsure of his claims—and his sanity—but the promise of a new life is hard to ignore.

Unfortunately, the ghosts from Dahlia’s past are not about to let her walk away so easily. If she chooses to go with Vinn, escaping the Fallowlands will mean more than risking her heart—it will mean risking her life.

Service to the Prime is a slow burn, enemies to lovers, harem romance.


There is penance to be paid for her crimes, and relationships left unfinished.

Celtic Protectors: Stay back

He could break me like a twig, but he’s my only hope.
Fallon Fitzgerald is on the run. With her family murdered and the Irish mob on her heels, she needs protection—fast.
MMA fighter Jax Flannery is the perfect guy for the job and the only person guaranteed not to be under the thumb of the men who hunt her. There’s only one problem—he wants nothing to do with the trouble Fallon is mixed up in, no matter how attractive he finds her.
But Jax’s nose isn’t as clean as he pretends it is, and when his past comes knocking, he has no choice but to join the fight.
If Fallon can keep her heart and her head, she might just survive.
Stay Back is book one of the Celtic Protectors series—an enemies-to-lovers, dark mafia romance perfect for people who love brooding alpha anti-heroes kicking bad guy butt to save their ladies.

Black Falcons:
A cyberpunk novel

Technology has changed, and so have the powers that use it.
In a futuristic Los Angeles, the world is still recovering from the Great Purge that crashed the global internet and ushered in the digital apocalypse.
Everly Kiltcher is doing all right for herself, working for a burgeoning tech company during the day and hanging with her friends on the weekends. But her comfy life is upended when she finds herself abducted and delivered to a group of cut-throat mercenaries called the Black Falcons. There’s been a bounty placed on her head big enough to draw out every criminal in the city, and the specialized group of soldiers claims to be her protectors, but can people who kill for a living really be trusted?
Everly is more attracted to the brooding, tattooed commander of the group than she’d like to admit. He’s dangerous and rough, so why does her body heat and her breath catch every time he comes close to her?
The rest of the group, comprised of a suave ex-marine, a jock genius, and a non-binary, beauty-queen assassin, welcomes her with open arms. Everly is torn between trusting them and taking matters into her own hands. If they can find out who is hunting her and why, she might actually have a chance of surviving this thing.
But the plot they uncover is bigger than all of them. Millions of lives hang in the balance, and Everly is the key.

Popular ebooks, serials, and shorts

Demon Date for valentine's day

Be careful on Valentine's Day, or the demon lord will seduce you into eternal servitude and drag you down to hell.
That's the story Maddy's grandmother had told her every year for as long as she could remember. But that was just a story to keep her and her sister from flipping their skirts up, right? There was no way her family could actually be carrying a three-hundred-year-old curse. True or not, Maddy is content to stay in if it'll put her grandma's mind at ease. It's not like she had a date lined up anyway. In fact, it'd been a while since she'd had any dates.

But when she's woken up by a green-eyed, dark-haired stranger and told that her sister has gone missing, the option to stay home on the night of the curse disappears. Accompanied by her seductive escort, Maddy must brave the very depths of hell to stop her sister from swearing fealty to the demon king and losing her forever. Only one problem—if Maddy is busy saving her sister's soul, who is going to save hers?

Demon Date for Valentine's is a paranormal romance novelette filled with love, lust, and hellish adventure. Download it now for a fun and fast read!

A spring break second chance romance

During a biology class backpacking trip, a freak accident leaves Hannah stranded in the Washington wilderness with her arch-nemesis ex-boyfriend, Logan. It's a match made in hell, but they have no choice but to depend on each other if they're going to survive. 
Second chance, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, romantic suspense. 

Get Lucky

Magic isn't real. Maybe it's time to grow up and stop fantasizing about faeries and fables. That's what Cara tells herself. But when she meets a woodland elf in a strange forest glen on the night of Saint Patrick's Day, she finds there may be some truth to this stuff after all. With her freedom on the line, Cara must engage in a battle of wits with a handsome trickster of ancient lore for the right to claim his prize.

dystopian for website.jpg

Featuring: THE BRIDGE

Vanity is a crime and Cinderella must wear a mask. The big bad wolf puts on an armored suit to battle extraterrestrials. Rapunzel is forced to claim her throne and right the wrongs of the past. Snow White goes insane in a world where corporations have torn down the forests. Three siblings cross a bridge in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. In a genetically altered society, one different girl will be hunted for her imperfections…

Proudly created by the authors of Dystopian Ink, Once Upon A Dystopia: An Anthology of Twisted Fairy Tales and Fractured Folklore contains twenty stories of fairy tale and folklore retellings that explore dystopian influence in literature. From Science Fiction based futures to Fantasy kingdoms, the message is clear:

One person’s utopia is another’s hell.

For fans of The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, Hunger Games, and Unwind, the authors from Dystopian Ink teamed up to bring you a collection of tales that distort childhood favorites into dystopian masterpieces.


Strap in for the ride of a lifetime.

Escape from a dying earth, travel through the stars, and discover exotic planets in this thrilling new anthology.

But reader beware:

Nothing is ever as perfect as it seems.

The authors from Dystopian Ink have teamed up to take you on a twisted journey throughout the universe. Fourteen epic stories explore the dark side of human nature and government overreach where lines are muddied and survival isn't guaranteed.

For fans of Red Rising, Hunger Games, The Twilight Zone, and Dune, these captivating tales will transport you on an otherworldly adventure where unlikely heroes are forced to take a stand for justice to ensure a better future for their species...

Or die trying.


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